Thursday, December 1, 2016

V.A. - Pasta Power Violence 7'' (1997) & V.A. - Speed Kills... A.K.A. Pasta Power Violence II LP (1999) Italy

Pasta Power Violence 7'' (1997)

                        Tribute to all Italians !
                        Just want to send a shout out to my good Italian friends Valentino
                        (from xCENEREx/Tsubo), and Salvo Elopram (a.k.a. Totothrasher,
                        from Elopram/Always Never Fun/You Are The Problem). my two
                        Brothers from Italian Mothers :)
                        Valentino has honored me by doing an interview with me for his
                        hardcore zine DISADATTACK which will be out soon !
                        Here's a promo link for DISADATTACK:
                        I've always loved Italian hardcore from the early days to now !
                        The bands and people from Italy hold a special place in my heart,
                        and always will !
                        Since the early days of hardcore, the Italians have been dedicated
                        to that raw fast aggressive sound.
                        They are as dedicated as USHC bands, and always have been !
                        They achieved my respect very shortly after I got into hardcore in 79',
                        and have always been a huge presence in the worldwide scene !
                        My love to all Italians (except the politicians:) !
                        Viva Italia !!!!!

                        01 Society Of Jesus - Nuovo Olocausto
                        02 Society Of Jesus - Problemi Di Soldi
                        03 Obtrude - Nestlè
                        04 Obtrude - Castelli Di Carte
                        05 Cripple Bastards - Life In General
                        06 Cripple Bastards - Ratings
                        07 Nagant 1895 - Gesù Cristo
                        08 Nagant 1895 - Inferno


                                   Speed Kills... A.K.A. Pata Power Violence II LP (1999)

                        01 Entropia - La Bambina
                        02 Nagant 1895 - Nelle Fauci Del Nemico
                        03 Jilted - No Business Punk                  
                        04 Comrades - Potere Nelle Strade (Nabat)
                        05 Obliteration - Senso Unico
                        06 No Somos Nada - Contro El Estado
                        07 Nuclear Grinder - Discharge In The Garden
                        08 Jesus Died Of Aids - Burnt Life
                        09 Fucking Blood - Shit Everyday
                        10 Enacoid - Untitled
                        11 P820P - S.I.A.E.
                        12 Mururoa - Sulla Strada
                        13 Shears - Una Nuova Identità
                        14 Society Of Jesus - Libera Scelta
                        15 Sexisuperpornohc - Macho Man
                        16 Cripple Bastards - Cleaning My Ass With Zips & Chains
                        17 Guerrieri - Untitled
                        18 Vomit Fall - Home Struggle
                        19 Nuclear Devastation - World Contagion
                        20 Hatebox - Rivoluzione 90210
                        21 Kill The President - No Work
                        22 Stellina - Blind
                        23 I Cum Blood - Marador (Live)
                        24 Burst Of Noise - Song #5
                        25 Kartoffen 280 - Plaza De Toros
                        26 Necroferox - Necroferox
                        27 Pizda Maderna - Razprodaja
                        28 Soffio - Servo Motor
                        29 Grievance - Cromo
                        30 Dogfight - Bastardi
                        31 Antisgammo - U$A & Getta
                        32 Alterazione - Police Bastard
                        33 Bluid - Ora
                        34 Gozzilla - Untitled
                        35 Los Vaticanos - Avvocati Strozzini Legalizzati
                        36 Clear Up - Emo Pollution


Broken Sound Barrier #1 (11-26-2016)

                      The Return of Broken Sound Barrier is here !
                      You can download the shows now that I got off my lazy ass ! :)
                      So here we go, Show #1 from November 26th, 2016:


                      Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Broken Sound Barrier is back !!!!! Live on the radio tonight November 26th, 2016 at 6pm Los Angeles time.

                          You can tune in all over the world right here:
                          Show starts in 3 hours from now.
                          If you are a fan of hardcore punk/grind/powerviolence/old
                          80's hardcore/noisy stuff in general, this show is right up your
                          alley !
                          I would just say, if you like fast and crazy stuff, you will definitely
                          dig this ! :)
                          Broken Sound Barrier is back from the dead !!!!!
                          Thanks to Bacteria (my good friend and former DJ family member
                          from Core Of Destruction Radio), oldschoolmike is back ! :)
                          Check out Bacteria's show Spread The Virus !!!!!
                          She is the best, can't begin to thank her enough !!!!!
                          Anyway, TUNE IN ! Starts in 3 hours !
                          Love you all !
                          Except Fidel (he can burn in hell ! :), Trump, Putin, Trump's butt-
                          buddy Pence, Assad, and all the other nasty evil people in the world,
                          they just can't die fast enough ! :)


Friday, November 25, 2016

Unholy Grave - Unholy Grave Violator 8'' (2015) Japan


                      Ok, I lived up the the overbearing example of gluttonous American
                      Thanksgiving Day rituals, and yes, a turkey died for my sins !
                      Please forgive me vegan gods, I must atone ! :)
                      hahahaha, religion, you sin just so you can confess and be forgiven,
                      what a concept ! :)
                      Anyway, perfect transition into this beautifully evil post !
                      Unholy Grave, enough said !!!!!
                      Epic Live release from 2015, recorded in 2013, very good sound for
                      a Live recording !
                      Love Unholy Grave !!!!!!!!!!!!
                      Hail the Japanese !!!!!

                      01 Confession
                      02 Perigo Minas!
                      03 Buried Terror
                      04 Death By Terror
                      05 Kamui Tat
                      06 Motorcharged
                      07 Deadly Error
                      08 Murderer
                      09 Morbid Dark Angels
                      10 No Racial Superoirity


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Sweats - Demo '16 (2016) Portland, Oregon

                       Wow, this demo came out in April, seemed to have slipped by me.
                       Just stumbled upon this band going through bandcamp pages.
                       Blow's me away how good this is !!!!!
                       Harkens back to the sound of early 80's raw hardcore ala Negative
                       Alot of people put this Oi stigma on Negative Approach, which is
                       not correct at all ! NA was USHC at it's best, although they took some
                       UK influence, they were much more raw USHC then kids describe
                       them today.
                       As were the almighty Violent Apathy, who alot of people forgot about
                       over the years, one of my favorite !
                       Sweats bring back that raw USHC grit in this Demo with a vengeance !
                       This is one of my favorite Demo's this year !
                       Stellar hardcore band !!!!!

                       01 TV Man
                       02 Infected
                       03 Running
                       04 Toilet
                       05 Sweats


Friday, November 11, 2016

Cool flyer from the past !

                      Found this flyer today, brought back memories of better times ! :)

Monday, November 7, 2016

Anal Trump, band of the week !!!!! :)

                   Hahahahahahaha, these guys absolutely rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                   Gotta check em out !
                   And on that note, PLEASE VOTE TOMORROW !!!!!
                   Your future will very much depend on it !

                    01 You Gotta Treat Em Like Shit
                    02 PTSD Is Gay
                    03 Some Mexicans Aren't Rapists
                    04 I Like The Soldiers Who Don't Get Captured
                    05 My Daughter Is A Piece Of Ass
                    06 Poor People Are Too Stupid To Get A Loan From Their Parents
                    07 There's My African American!
                    08 Blood Coming Out Of Her Wherever
                    09 Mexican Judges Don't Count
                    10 Journalism Is Gay
                    11 I'd Date My Daughter
                    12 Grab Em By The Pussy
                    13 Take His Coat
                    14 Breast Feeding Is Gay
                    15 Ted Nugent Is Cool
                    16 Dave Mustaine Is Cool
                    17 Trump Tower Has The Best Taco Bowls
                    18 Poll Watcher
                    19 Some Things Saddam Hussein Did Well
                    20 Changing Diapers Is Gay
                    21 Build That Wall
                    22 Alex Jones Is Smart
                    23 I'm In Astonishingly Excellent Health
                    24 Stay In Your Pens
                    25 911 Was Inconvenient For Me, Personally
                    26 Make America Great Again
                    27 Nobody Respects Women More Than Me
                    28 Harriet Tubman Is, Like, A 3
                    29 I Demand An Apology!
                    30 That Makes Me Smart!