Saturday, March 18, 2017

Christer Pettersson/Dudman - Controlled By Hatred Split 10'' (2015) Sweden-Japan

                        Alright, this may be my favorite powerviolence split since the
                        millennium started !
                        Christer Pettersson, who just started back a few years ago, have
                        totally impressed the hell out of me ! These guys have powerviolence
                        in their blood !
                        Everything they do is pure gold, love that band !
                        But we all must bow down to Dudman !
                        Theses guys have been around since the mid 90's, and everything
                        they put out is ferocious highly skilled and crafted hardcore !
                        They are in my 5 top bands ever to come out of Japan !
                        I can't say enough good things about Dudman, they just absolutely
                        rule !
                        From hardcore to fastcore to powerviolence and grind, they do it all !
                        One of my favorites of all time !!!!!
                        They just destroy on this split !!!!!
                        Both bands are so good, this split should be in the hardcore Hall Of Fame !

                        01 Christer Pettersson - Maintaining The Balance
                        02 Christer Pettersson - Bandwagon
                        03 Christer Pettersson - Uppåt I Hierarkin
                        04 Christer Pettersson - Chips I Foajén
                        05 Christer Pettersson - Throw Up The W
                        06 Christer Pettersson - Åsiktssoppa
                        07 Christer Pettersson - Jason Adams (Breakfast)
                        08 Christer Pettersson - Bättre Förr
                        09 Christer Pettersson - Den Nya Dagen Gryr
                        10 Christer Pettersson - Entombed
                        11 Christer Pettersson - 180924609
                        12 Dudman - Never End
                        13 Dudman - Rebirth
                        14 Dudman - Raging
                        15 Dudman - No Way!
                        16 Dudman - One Step To Hell
                        17 Dudman - Fuhatsudan Otoko
                        18 Dudman - Dubman


Monday, March 13, 2017

Bob Plant/Enemigo/Concussive - Sounds Of Grindviolence Split Tape (2015) Bay Area, California

                            Raw raging grindviolence from the Bay Area !
                            This one came out in 2015, found it on You Tube
                            (released on Mullet Death Records).
                            Just saw Bob Plant last week, they were awesome !
                            Freakin' love Concussive !!!!! They have a newer split out there
                            with Scum Human (from Canada) that i've been looking for also.
                            Enemigo is definite fun as well, although not as familiar with
                            Very rough recordings, but all around viciously great split !

                            01 Bob Plant - Ja Rules Grind Project
                            02 Bob Plant - Cool To The Touch
                            03 Enemigo - 天堂無炸彈
                            04 Enemigo - Justicia?
                            05 Enemigo -  切腹
                            06 Concussive - Covered
                            07 Concussive - Clique
                            08 Concussive - Misinterpret
                            09 Concussive - Exhausted
                            10 Concussive - Smokestack


Friday, March 10, 2017

Machine Gun - The World Is Sick Demo (2016) Philladelphia

                         New blood from Philly, straight outta the 80's !
                         Really good newer band, just stumbled onto em' today !
                         Saw my friend Frank posted on Facebook, linked back to my
                         other good bud Offside Alex's (No Punks In K-Town/Offside
                         Records) You Tube page.
                         Check em' out !
                         Excellent Demo !!!!!

                         01 Enemy
                         02 Final Warning
                         03 Anti Social
                         04 Sick World
                         05 Social Game
                         06 Machine Gun


Monday, February 27, 2017

Schizos - Crrrest The Album (Everything There Is !) (2017) Simi Valley-Ventura, California (Punk band from 1979)

                    Nardcore/Slimey Valley band The Schizos existed for a few months
                    in 1979 and split up before any recordings were issued. Let it be known
                    that all of these tapes have also been given to the band, who are planning
                    on having the legendary Geza X sprinkle his fairy dust on them for
                    eventual vinyl and cd release. What you have here are ALL of the raw
                    and unadorned tapes (the only thing that has been done is a few click
                    and pop removals and overall sound level boosting - other than that:
                    nothing whatsoever has been done to alter the sound of these 4 tapes).
                    So if you are interested you'll want this download as well as the proper
                    release, once that is issued. Now know this: The Schizos are punk in a
                    similar way that The Simpletones were punk. They are NOT punk as in
                    Black Flag or The Germs. So just be aware of that before you download
                    this. What is included here you ask? Well... you'll notice 4 links. Link #1
                    is the 1979 Studio Demo as well as all artwork and info. Link #2 is a
                    complete rehearsal (with bass guitar) from Ron's house in Simi Valley in
                    Jan. of 1979. Link #3 is a full show from the Rock Corporation in Van
                    Nuys from  2/7/79'. Finally Link #4 is the legendary complete show from the
                    Other Masque on 2/16/79 when they opened for The Cramps as a last second
                    fill in for the cancelled opening act. Again: ALL info and artwork is
                    included in the first link. This free download has been made available to
                    you courtesy of the free digital download label "You don't work, you
                    don't help clean, you don't contribute anything to the household
                    whatsoever. All you ever do is lay around your filthy room all day and
                    night and listen to those GODDAMN RECORDS". As far as I know
                    this is EVERYTHING that exists by the band. Enjoy it.

                    Mike Fey

                    Ripped, edited & compiled by oldschoolmike & Mike Fey.
                    Big big thanks and respect to Shawn Kessler (Underground4themasses)
                    for changing The Other Masque set from mono to stereo. Sounds a world
                    better !!!!!
                    Thanks a million Shawn !!!!!
                    Was great fun doing this one ! Had some difficult technical issues, but all
                    turned out better than I could have imagined !


                   Studio Demo '79 + Art & Info

                   Rehearsal At Ron's House  Jan. 12, '79

                   Rock Corporation Feb. 7. '79

                   The Other Masque Feb. 16, '79

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Absolute Respect: L.A.'s own Grampa, 1927-2017

The man was sweet. I know that's generic to say, expected even, but I'm saying it anyway: In my experience Bob's grampa was kind and sweet. It's a blessed rarity (the most refreshing) to interact with any human being where it's not just easy words that they choose to say, but a feeling they leave with you that equates to nothing less than real gentleness and positivity. Socal collectively mourns this sweet, kind, and inspirational man's passing. No tuff guy "power" rephrasing: Just rest in peace Grampa, we miss you.

Repost from Selfish View blog

I knew Grandpa as well, he was a great man, and fantastic human being !
Saw him at a few shows over the years, and always shook his hand and talked with him for a few minutes.
I went to what was supposed to be Grandpa Fest last year at Perez Tires, but it was
cancelled due to some technical difficulties.
The show actually still went on, but not as Grandpa Fest, and unfortunately Grandpa was not there.
Huge loss for the hardcore community of SoCal !
He will be missed by all that knew and loved him !
My condolences to Bob and his family !


R.I.P. Grandpa

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Agathocles/Cruel Face - Ao Vivo No Zapata Split Cassette (2015) Belgium-Brazil

                             Hahahaha, I edited this a couple years ago, but I thought it was
                             only 7 songs at the time.
                             A bandcamp that seems to have expired, only put up an edited
                             version of the tape, so that's all I had to work with when I posted
                             it on here in 2015.
                             Well, my friend up in Canada (thegrindmaster) looked on Discogs
                             and discovered it was actually a 46 song tape :)
                             So I went back online, and fortunately another source on the web
                             had the full tape, but in 2 tracks, A Side & B Side.
                             Now i'm here to correct my mistake, I edited the whole tape in full
                             and boosted the sound a little bit.
                             Sorry for the mix-up, i'm sure alot of people downloaded the short
                             Live in Brazil, recorded in 2013 during their Destruir Para Criar
                             Tour .
                             This is an epic rager !!!!!
                             01 Agathocles - Lobotomy Done
                             02 Agathocles - Electrifarce
                             03 Agathocles - Grind Is Protest
                             04 Agathocles - Not A Bit
                             05 Agathocles - Big Flat Cages
                             06 Agathocles - Only Friction
                             07 Agathocles - Who Cares?
                             08 Agathocles - Carved Face Fashion
                             09 Agathocles - Ax The Tax
                             10 Agathocles - Bang Bang
                             11 Agathocles - Hear More
                             12 Agathocles - Until It Bleeds
                             13 Agathocles - Soap And Joke
                             14 Agathocles - Lay Off Me
                             15 Agathocles - Splattered Brains
                             16 Agathocles - And The Loser Is...
                             17 Agathocles - A For Arrogance
                             18 Agathocles - Christianity Means Tyranny
                             19 Agathocles - Crackland
                             20 Agathocles - Chronic Death
                             21 Agathocles - Razor Sharp Daggers
                             22 Agathocles - Mutilated Regurgitator
                             23 Agathocles - No Use...Hatred
                             24 Agathocles - Gallows Eve
                             25 Agathocles - Koroso
                             26 Agathocles - Ulkopuolinen (Kuolema)
                             27 Agathocles - Go Fucking Nihilist
                             28 Agathocles - Labelisation
                             29 Agathocles - Straight Lane
                             30 Agathocles - OSL (Lärm)
                             31 Cruel Face - Convivência
                             32 Cruel Face - Industry Of Life
                             33 Cruel Face - Terrified
                             34 Cruel Face - Price Too High
                             35 Cruel Face - Natural Born Ear Massacra
                             36 Cruel Face - Life View
                             37 Cruel Face - What Freedom?
                             38 Cruel Face - Who Owns You?
                             39 Cruel Face - Smash, Kill And Erase
                             40 Cruel Face - Our Hate For Racists
                             41 Cruel Face - Police, Who Needs It?
                             42 Cruel Face - An Insane Will
                             43 Cruel Face - Technological Error
                             44 Cruel Face - Raiva E Rancor
                             45 Cruel Face - Life Disturbed
                             46 Cruel Face - Victim Generation
                             Recorded Live at Centro Cultural Zapata, São Paulo, Brazil
                             on November 6th, 2013


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Magnum Force - 2013 Tape (2013) arizona

                          Alright, back to Magnum Force again !
                          Not sure why I didn't edit this one earlier then their Last Tape,
                          but finally getting around to it.
                          Always love this band, but they don't record often, and their stuff
                          is hard to find online !
                          Big thanks to Brandon Denetsosie for ripping this and Last Tape !!!!!
                          Brandon & Vinod Karki are always on top of new releases, love
                          those guys !!!!!
                          Anyway, this is their tape from 2013, rough recording, but brutally
                          good as always !
                          Hood Crimes was great, but it's the same recording as their Last
                          Tape from 2013.
                          Really hope they record more soon !

                          01 Forced
                          02 Boxed In
                          03 Reject
                          04 Shut Down
                          05 Burden