Tuesday, November 21, 2017

V.A. - Crash Mandolino 2.0 Aka Italia Violenta LP (2015) Italy

                               Lunga Vita Italian Punk/HC/Grind/Powerviolence !!!!!
                               Compilation from 2015, definitely recommended !!!!!

                               01 Angoracoid - Rigurgito Cristiano
                               02 Ape Unit - Dropdead (Siege cover)
                               03 Bovril - Indiano Padano
                               04 Corporation Of Consumption - Zeruhell
                               05 Corpse - Catene
                               06 CxIxB - Doing It By Ourselves (Getting Out Of The Circle)
                               07 Death On/Off - Baby Jesus
                               08 Dilution - Relinguish
                               09 Diorrhea - Ti Sparo In Faccia
                               10 Disforia - Sei Già Morto
                               11 Double Me - Earthquake        
                               12 Dysmorfic - Spyke Lars Thompson
                               13 Ebola - 6 Negazioni Per Una Ferita
                               14 Extreme Vandamme Terror - Bloodsport
                               15 Ghijttatura - Self-Destruct
                               16 Grumo - Games Of Massacre
                               17 Jesus Ain't In Poland - Horizon's A Blast
                               18 Mano Armata Grind Congrega - Questo Succede
                               19 Max Carnage - Carneficina Al Massimo
                               20 Misseri Loves Company - I.R. Mister Latin lover
                               21 Neid - Breed To Breed (Wormrot cover)
                               22 One Day In Fukushima - Assface
                               23 Rejekts - Submorale
                               24 Repulsione - Resistance
                               25 Restos Humanos - Muerte
                               26 Sposa In Alto Mare - La La La Laura Pausini
                               27 Stanley Ipkiss - The Goodnight Line
                               28 Stasis - Concrete Walls (Mental Cages)
                               29 Stench Of Profit - The Sixteenth Time That We Say Fuck You
                               30 Terror Firmer - Positive Thinking-
                               31 Tsubo - L'odio
                               32 Tumor Necrosis Factor - Il Feticismo Della Merce
                               33 Vatican City Syndrome - Attica-Free Bullet Jazz
                               34 Violence Jack - Chapter 5
                               35 xDeloreanx - Oh La La!
                               36 xHanSolox - Metal Rules
                               37 xKATExMOSHx - Kings Of Fussball
                               38 xPowerMadx - Passione Per La Musica


Sunday, October 15, 2017

D.R.I. - Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Vats Demos (1984)

                             This is one of the best D.R.I. recordings of all time in my opinion !
                             Recorded in 83' at The Vats (old Hamm's Brewery in San Francisco),
                             and officially put out in 84', although i've never heard any more of
                             this Demo than the 2 songs on the The Dirty Rotten/Violent
                             Pacification extended CD.
                             One of the best bands I ever saw Live !!!!!
                             On their 83' Tour I saw em' at the Cathay De Grande with Ill Repute,
                             and a young Stalag 13 fresh on the scene.
                             By far the fastest bands I had seen to date, although i'd been going
                             to hardcore shows since 80'.
                             D.R.I. blew me away ! Played like 40 songs in 30 minutes or something,
                             barely even took breaks between songs.
                             Drummer was in nothing but a speedo, and dude was sweating bullets ! :)
                             Ill Repute was pretty lightning fast for the time also, but not as fast as
                             Stalag 13 (who I believe opened the show) were excellent, but not nearly
                             as fast as the other bands :)
                             Anyway, D.R.I. holds a big place in my heart, always one of my favorites !
                             Sound on these recordings are really decent !
                             Going to see D.R.I. on November 11th in L.A., with Excel and some other
                             great bands !
                             Saw them with Excel at The Palace in Hollywood back in 89', think I
                             still feel the bruises from that night at times :)
                             Was drunk as fuck, going against the grain in a huge slam of over 100
                             We used to call that suicide slamming back in the day :)
                             Was so drunk didn't feel it that night, but for the next 3 weeks was
                             dealing with bruises and pain all over my body.
                             Was fearless back then in the pit, but I paid for it ! :)
                             Ok, sorry for the long winded post, just wanted to share this gem I found
                             on You Tube with anyone and everyone that loves D.R.I. !

                             01 How To Act
                             02 Couch Slouch
                             03 Running Around
                             04 Give My Taxes Back
                             05 Equal People
                             06 On My Way Home
                             07 Bail Out
                             08 Slit My Wrist
                             09 Stupid, Stupid War
                             10 Counter Attack
                             11 I'd Rather Be Sleeping
                             12 Madman
                             13 No People
                             14 Yes Ma'am


Monday, October 9, 2017

V.A. - Stepping Stones To The Apocalypse 2xCD 2012 (An Oldschoolmike Compilation)

                             Compilation I made back in 2012.
                             Comp has just been re-tagged, sound equalized, and converted to
                             320 MP3.
                             2 CD comp I made 5 years ago. Was a laborious project, but definitely
                             a compilation to be proud of !!!!!
                             Originally posted on this blog in January of 2012.
                             Rage this comp !!!!!

CD I Tracklist 

01 Intro
02 Nuclear Cult - Heimspiel (Germany)
03 Tino Valpa - Past Life (New Hampshire)
04 Lieutenant - Wake Up Dumb (Buffalo, NY)
05 Koenigstein Youth - Parasites (France)
06 Fanzui Xiangfa - Garbage (Beijing)
07 Cancer - 2 (Rochester, NY)
08 Power - Map Out The Past (Bay Area, Ca.)
09 Criaturas - No Hay Futuro (Texas)
10 Elders - Protocols (Arizona)
11 Omegas - You Ain’t Nothin’ (Canada)
12 Negative Lifestyle - End Up Like Them (Sweden)
13 Family Enema - Inbreeding Depression (Denmark)
14 Pink Coffins - We, The Poisoned (Philly, Pa.)
15 Raus! Of My Eyes - Mieso (Gdansk, Poland)
16 Weak Link - Broken Gears (Newfoundland)
17 Altered Boys - Drug War (New Jersey)
18 X= - 2042 (Pennsylvania)
19 Amenaca Cigana - Ruas De Odio (Brazil)
20 Ralph - Destroy The Church (Georgia, US)
21 Cruddy - Slow News Day (Texas)
22 Eye-Gouge! - Feel The Rage (Australia)
23 Mocho Cota - Rebecca Linares (Mexico)
24 Brain Tumors - Rules of Abuse (Minnesota)
25 Dark Ages - Can America Survive Pt. 2 (Kansas City, Mo.)
26 No Statik - Recurrent Cycles (Ca.-Florida)
27 Ydinperhe - Pista Hanttiin (Finland)
28 Mondo Gecko - Maradona (Israel)
29 Culo - Wasted On Wine (Chicago)
30 Natural Law - Padded Cell (New Jersey)
31 Rapid Loss - Self Inflicted (Canada)
32 Filhotinho - E.V. - Maldito (Brazil)
33 Won’t Belong - Unimpressed (Boston)
34 Volt Validation - Clean Lie (Japan)
35 Vreditely - Fight Junk Not Punk (Russia-Canada)
36 Incidious Process - Bakbundna (Sweden)
37 Wiccans - Ephemera (Texas)
38 Prugelknabe - Buy or Bye (Czech Republic)
39 Chaotic Neutral - Strangers (Indiana)
40 Hounds Of Hate - Cast Out (Pennsylvania)
41 Autistic Front - Beautiful Shit (Italy)
42 Organized Sports - Entertain Me (Portland, Or.)
43 Downpour - Social Pariah (Australia)
44 The Wallrides - Security Guard (Ovik, Sweden)
45 Kontaminat - Team Player (Chicago)
46 Low Threat Profile - Back To Basics (SoCal)
47 Water Torture - Cursed (Buffalo, NY)
48 Sectarian Violence - No Regard (US-UK-Sweden)
49 Citizens Patrol - Public Interest (Holland)
50 No Qualms - First Cop (Florida)


CD II Tracklist

51 Picked Clean - No More To Offer (Indiana)
52 Stab - Fascism Brings Death (UK)
53 Bored Straight - Attention Pt. 3 (Milwaukee, Wis.)
54 Tropiezo - Mi Peor Mi Enemigo Soy Yo (Puerto Rico)
55 Nervous Breakdown - Hygiene (Germany)
56 White Wards - Fucking A Dead Body (Washington)
57 Pregnancy Scares - Nightwalker (Canada)
58 Nation Suicide - Army Boy (France)
59 Narrow Mind - Never Enough Time (Chicago)
60 Death Token - Exploding Grave (Denmark)
61 Not On Tour - Rhyme-less (Israel)
62 Pukeoid - Envy The Bastards (Indiana)
63 Molemminpuoleinen Varma Tuho - Muntadhar Al-Zaidi (Finland)
64 Vacant State - No (Vancouver, Canada)
65 xHaroldshitmanx - False Hardcore Creates Rapists (Scotland-UK)
66 Los Caidos - Odio (Argentina)
67 Milisi Kecoa - Usir Para Jagoan (Indonesia)
68 Razor x Fade - Invisible (Chicago)
69 Disengage - The Same (Pennsylvania)
70 Farsa - Mirada Nublada (Chile)
71 Sweet Tooth - Saved By Hardcore (St. Louis, Mo.)
72 Mob Mentality - 2 Fast (DC)
73 Elasticdeath - Santa’s Incredible Death (Brazil)
74 Asadachi - Black Revolution (Kentucky)
75 Usurper - Thunderhead (Boston)
76 Mental Waste - Give Up (Salinas, Ca.)
77 KPX - Freedom In Fences (Germany)
78 Crippled Fox - V Stands For Venice (Hungary)
79 Concrete Asylum - Lost In The Crisis (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
80 Ex-Craw - Macho Man (Australia)
81 Ban Ran - Breeded Like Animal (So. Korea)
82 Nodeal - Big Mouth Must Die (Indonesia)
83 Reproach - It Came From Above (Belgium)
84 Uberkroppling - Op I Raven (Denmark)
85 Asshole Parade - Skateparks (Gainsville, Florida)
86 Nerv - Inside Out (Iowa)
87 Byousatsu Endorphin - Fuck The Bread, Eat The Rice (Japan)
88 Ultimate Blowup - Alone In A Crowd (Turkey)
89 Un Quarto Morto - Premio Di Consolazione (Italy)
90 The Masculine Journey - It’s This (St. Louis, Mo.)
91 Csihas Beno - Untitled (Serbia)
92 Short Walk - Retail Retard (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
93 Scapegoat - No Release (Boston)
94 Moral Front - Loose Nerves (Finland)
95 Katma - Volja za (Belgrade, Serbia)
96 Backslider - Half-Ass Disguise (Philly, Pa.)
97 Stresscase - Lean x Cuisine (SoCal)
98 Sarjan Hassan - Marliah Mari Tidak Mengundi (Malaysia)
99 Nazi Dust - Suffering (Florida)
100 Outro


Very special thanks to Seantheruppel for all your help
with the artwork, you rule !!!!!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

V.A. - Never Forget ! (North American Hardcore Compilation) 1989 (by Mike X./aka-oldschoolmike)

                     OK, total blast from the past !
                     Finally found the artwork for the compilation I made in 1989 !
                     Never found the cassette itself, but was able to piece together the
                     whole comp in it's original form, using the same versions of the songs
                     that were on the tape, but from MP3's.
                     I did the artwork, and put the whole thing together way back when.
                     I wanted to release it, the unfortunate part was that Dischord Records
                     would not let me use the Minor Threat song :(
                     Out of frustration, I just basically gave them away as a mixtape, or
                     as they referred to back in the 80's as car tapes (or tapes for long trips) :)
                     I had already ripped the tapes, so eliminating the Minor Threat song
                     would have been a hassle !
                     Anyway, if you love 80's Hardcore, you'll love this rager !!!!!
                     Highly recommended !!!!!

                     01 Necros - Bad Dream (Maumee, Ohio)
                     02 Toxic Reasons - How Do You Feel ? (Dayton, Ohio)
                     03 Crucifix - Prejudice (San Francisco, Ca.)
                     04 Social Unrest - Mental Breakdown (Hayward, Ca.)
                     05 Sin 34 - Nuclear War (Santa Monica, Ca.)
                     06 Zero Boys - Drug Free Youth (Indianapolis, Indiana)
                     07 Willful Neglect - Abort The Mission (St. Paul, Minnesota)
                     08 Hüsker Dü - In A Free Land (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
                     09 A.O.F. - What We Want Is Free (Chicago, Ill.)
                     10 SSDecontrol - Boiling Point (Boston, Mass.)
                     11 Jerry's Kids - Machine Gun (Boston, Mass.)
                     12 Die Kreuzen - Don't Say Please (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
                     13 Whipping Boy - America Must Die (San Francisco, Ca.)
                     14 Stretch Marks - Barren Cities (Winnipeg-Manitoba, Canada)
                     15 Armed Citizens - Make Sense (NYC, New York)
                     16 Breakouts - Junkies All Around You (San Francisco, Ca.)
                     17 C.I.A. - Who Cares ? - Death (Bridgeport, Connecticut)
                     18 Beastie Boys - Michelle's Farm (NYC, New York)
                     19 S.O.A. - Girl Problems (Washington DC)
                     20 7 Seconds - If The Kids Are United (Sham 69) (Reno, Nevada)
                     21 Offenders - Bad Times (Killeen, Texas)
                     22 Scream - Ultra Violence (Bailey's Crossroads, Virginia)
                     23 Void - Time To Die (Columbia, Maryland)
                     24 Lost Generation - Shiek O.P.E.C. (Westport, Connecticut)
                     25 China White - Anthem (Huntington Beach, California)
                     26 Bad Religion - Drastic Actions (San Fernando Valley, Ca.)
                     27 Government Issue - Lost In Limbo - Plain To See (Washington DC)
                     28 N.O.T.A. - Moscow (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
                     29 A.O.D. - Return To Beneath The Planet Of Adrenalin O.D.
                     V.S. Godzilla Strikes Again. In 3-D (Paterson, New Jersey)
                     30 Meat Puppets - In a Car (Paradise Valley, Arizona)
                     31 The Faith - In the Black (Washington DC)
                     32 C.O.C. - Indifferent (Raleigh, No. Carolina)
                     33 The Accüsed - Martha Splatterhead (Seattle, Washington)
                     34 Minor Threat - Salad Days (Washington DC)
                     35 Poison Idea - Short Fuse (Portland, Oregon)
                     36 D.R.I. - Money Stinks (San Francisco via Houston, Texas)


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

F.Z.Ö - Välkommen Till Circusen (Demo) (1990) Sweden

                           Totally obscure one to me !
                           My good bud Mistah (from the OC) sent me a request to look for
                           this old one.
                           Took me a few to find it, but as soon as I added umlauts, it appeared :)
                           Ripping good aggressive HC, with a little bit of melodic sing along !
                           Mistah always sends me obscure requests, that dude totally knows what's
                           up !
                           Always gotta give mad respect to the younger generation who know half as
                           much as I do, and send requests that no kids today have a clue about !
                           Mistah sent me a couple more that I still need to edit, which i'll put up
                           ASAP !
                           Much love and respect to my good friend !


Saturday, September 9, 2017

My radio show Broken Sound Barrier is back on Core Of Destruction Radio !

                            Well i'm back folks !!!!!
                            Been a year and a half since I did my final show on Core Of
                            Destruction Radio, which was sad, cause the station went offline
                            for a while.
                            Website was still there, but the radio part was gone.
                            Huge thanks to Jerry "Lizardmessiah" Woods for keeping the station
                            going all these years, and for coming up with a way to revive the radio
                            waves of C.O.D. !
                            He's the man, without him there would be no Core Of Destruction !
                            Also big thanks to Scott from Jethro Skull for fixing my show banner !
                            Want to give a shout out to Frank Mendez (photographer at most of the
                             L.A. PV/Grind/HC gigs), who asked me to mention the Benefit Show
                             tonight at 5 Star Bar in Los Angeles.
                             Benefit is for Jorge Castillo, one of the original members of Brujeria,
                             who is fighting cancer right now.
                             Please come out and support Jorge and the scene tonight, is an important
                             and much needed cause !!!!!
                             Too many great musicians are dying too young, please support the fight
                             against cancer !

                             Show is up for download now !
                             Had to upload the show in 2 parts, so everyone could grab it.
                             First show back, enjoy !
                             Thank you to all the people that support Core Of Destruction Radio,
                             and the worldwide Punk/Hardcore scenes !
                             You are the reason we keep the spirit of Hardcore alive !!!!!

                             Broken Sound Barrier 9-8-2017 (Part 1)

                             Broken Sound Barrier 9-8-2017 (Part 2)

                             Peace, Love & tune in Friday nights, 5-7pm Los Angeles time,
                             for Broken Sound Barrier !!!!!


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mass Genocide - S-T EP (1998) Japan

                              Great requests the last couple of days !
                              My friend Crustcore from Soulseek sent me a message looking
                              for this one, very glad he did ! Thanks man !
                              Hadn't heard of this band, and I was missing out ! :)
                              Anyway, late 90's fast aggressive and slightly noisy hardcore
                              from Japan, how could you not like that description ?! :)
                              Ripping good stuff, hail Japanese Hardcore !!!!!

                              01 Justice?
                              02 Get Your Head Outta Your Ass
                              03 We Know
                              04 The Vague World
                              05 What´s ''Fact''?
                              06 Ugry